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Chain Spray - aerosol 400 ml

Better penetration properties (more liquid).
Chain Spray is a synthetic lubricant for highly-stressed parts.
• Excellent corrosion protection
• Displaces moisture
• Does not drip or smear
• Good adhesion - sticks even to fast-rotating chains
• Produces smooth and quiet running
• Water-repellent
• Economic
Applications: the use of Chain Spray allows long-term internal and external lubrication of roller chains, bearings, gear mechanisms, roller and ball bearings, O-ring seals and all sorts of joints, clutches, chains and wire cables.
Directions of use: shake the aerosol vigorously before use. Spray parts to be treated sufficiently from a distance of approx. 20cm. Allow the spray to penetrate, then spray the surface again if necessary. Chains can be put in operation again after approximately 5-10 minutes after spraying.
The product safety sheet must be read and understood for use. Product safety data sheets are available on application and via the Den Braven websites.
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  • Spray PTFE DEN BRAVEN 400ml (12)
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