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Spray paint remover DEN BRAVEN 400ml

Bite off spary - aerosol 400 ml

Quick and trouble-free removal of all glue, sealing, gasket and paint residues. Afbet Spray is a powerful, thixotropic mix of active ingredients. The particularly strong dissolving effect makes use extremely easy (even on vertical surfaces).
• Removes burnt and hardened seal materials and gaskets from cylinders, engines and exhaust pipes
• Removes even the most stubborn adhesive and adhesive residues (e.g. cyanoacrylate glue)
• Easily removes paint, varnish, grease, oil, resin, tar and lubrication residues
Applications: quickly and effortlessly removes all glue, seal, gasket and paint residues and makes the use of mechanical aids superfluous. Suitable for metal, wood, glass, ceramics, polyethylene and polypropylene.
Instructions: shake the can intensively. Inject parts to be treated from approx. 25 cm. Leave on briefly and carefully remove the dissolved residues from the substrate with a putty knife. The use on 'sensitive' plastic materials such as PVC, synthetics and linoleum is not recommended. It is advised to test the compatibility with plastics in advance.

The product safety sheet must be read and understood for use. Product safety data sheets are available on application and via the Den Braven websites.
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